Stretch Crepe Trousers

A month ago, I had taken on a new lease of life. I’d just finished the self-guided version of Seamwork’s ‘Design Your Wardrobe’ and had convinced myself that I was going to be uber-organised from now on and, most importantly, I was going to sew one project at a time. No more UFOs for me!

Well, I guess I was kidding myself. The ‘Design Your Wardrobe’ process has certainly revolutionised the way I design my sewing. Thinking in collections rather than ad-hock, spur of the moment choices has made me feel like I’m achieving more and has resulted in a far more useful everyday wardrobe. Still, it hasn’t managed to tame my wandering eye, always in search of the shiniest new project. Although, whilst my Pulmu skirt from last month is waiting dutifully for its finishing touches, at least I managed to get something finished.

I made trousers! And I’m insanely proud of myself! Trousers and I have been in a battle of wits pretty much since I started sewing and up until now they’ve easily been winning. In all my previous, failed attempts, no matter what I did I always ended up with a skirt! But now, I think I’ve finally hacked it. This is actually my second pair of these that I’ve made in the past month – the other being part of a matching set – and I absolutely adore them

The pattern is actually an old Threadcount pattern (#1605} that I got out of a magazine years ago and to be honest, I wasn’t exactly expecting much. I’ve used patterns from magazines several times when I was younger and have always found it a little tricky to get a good result. Well, I can safely say that this pattern has bowled me over and completely surpassed all of my expectations.

I made the size 14 in our gorgeous Navy and Mustard Stripe Stretch Crepe with very little adjustment. In fact the fit was almost perfect! Although I did opt to slim down the legs by 1.5cm on each side simply to make them a little sleeker. I couldn’t be happier with the result! The crepe is a gorgeous weight for dressmaking, just heavy enough to feel substantial without dragging you down, and that little bit of stretch is perfect for making a sleeker garment. And, for my own little finishing touch, I Hong Kong bound the waistband in our Atelier Brunette Crepe Bias! This technique is super easy to do using a stitch-in-the-ditch foot and really adds a little bit of class to your final garment.

These beauties only took me a day, excluding cutting out, even with my little attempt at waistband pattern matching and in-seam pockets. I would definitely recommend this to beginner sewers looking for a challenge or those on the more intermediate side. The concealed zip in the back is so much easier then tackling a fly front and you end up with a really fab looking garment without too much of the rigmarole. And the result definitely is fab! I really hope that I did this wonderful fabric justice, but I definitely feel incredible wearing them. And in the end, isn’t that all that really matters?

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